What Is Platincoin?
The Platincoin platform promotes minting as the shortcut to making cryptocurrencies a more viable source of income for various types of users. Here, “various” does not refer only to their ambitions and plans regarding cryptos, but also their technical knowledge required to make cryptos work for them. Platincoin aims to eliminate complex technical procedures from the equation, as well as the need to engage in competition among the users on a single network. …

PLATINCOIN provides you with the opportunity to earn passive income by using groundbreaking blockchain technology to generate an annual return of up to 30% over a period of 10 years
You can use app to connect your smartphone to the PLC blockchain and mint PLATINCOIN cryptocurrency every day, as well as to hold coins in real time 24/7/365.

Basics you need to know about platincoin

1. It is the most sophiscated coin in the coin market

2. The coin with the most sophisticate infrastructure and technology e.g Plc Farm, Plc Secure Box.

3. The coin that has beaten the…

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Burency is a new crypto exchange
Burency is an advocate for crypto and Blockchain adoption, particularly in the MIDDLE EAST. The platform is designed to address key challenges that prevent widespread adoption within the cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem such as exchange’s lack of liquidity and security, unsustainable mining, unawareness of Blockchain applications to businesses.

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On December 28, PLATINCOIN turns four — on this day in 2016, our brand was officially created and we were registered as a legal entity! Although we started working on our products long before this date, we officially celebrate our birthday today!

Over these four years, Platincoin not only became a cryptocurrency, but a comprehensive crypto system that includes more than ten high tech products.

Our entire team has made enormous progress during this time: we’ve released several major platforms and products on the market, which are currently being used by over 600 000 people from 120 countries around…

💡While we’re on the topic of the future, what’s in store for cryptocurrency and everyday life? For many, cryptocurrency will become the standard currency around the world, eliminating exchange rate fees and other costs that come with daily transactions. For cryptocurrency to become an integral part of our daily lives, it needs to be easy for everyone to participate. To do this, there needs to be more education on what digitized currencies are and how everyone can be a beneficiary.

📌That is the main reason why the Platincoin team has developed user-friendly cryptosystem that offers stable passive income. Platincoin provides…

📌The global economy is being improved with new and emerging forms of technologies. Blockchain is one such development. It offers new tools for authenticating and authorization in the digital world that preclude the need for centralization.

💡By formalizing and securing new digital links, blockchain technology is creating the backbone layer for digital transactions and interaction of information.

💥First and foremost, blockchain is a public electronic ledger built around a P2P system that can be openly shared among different users to create an unchangeable record of transactions, each time-stamped and linked to the previous one. …

💡There’s a cryptocurrency out there that is unique. Let me explain. How many cryptocurrencies are truly creating use cases with the potential of changing people’s lives? What if there was a cryptocurrency with an app that offers consistent passive income? A cryptocurrency you could use anywhere because it is easy to use, send or transfer and receive?

📌For the first time in crypto, Platincoin has created a means for users to access the digital economy and earn consistent passive income without requiring a bank account. …

Today’s hero of our interview is entrepreneur and investor Dirk Fricke from Germany with the Black Diamond rank. He currently has 100 000 people in his structure, and this number is growing with every day.

He shared the difficulties and frustrations he has encountered since he started his journey with PLATINCOIN, what he loves most about PLATINCOIN, and which of his team members make him proud.

How did you end up joining PLATINCOIN?

My PLATINCOIN story started in 2016, when the project founder Alex Reinhardt personally invited me to join. This might sound funny, but I first saw the concept…

Two exciting events with major Latin American leaders took place on December 11 and 12 in Dubai. These were two action-packed days filled with a wealth of useful information, lively conversations between like-minded people, and many unforgettable impressions!

The meeting brought together around 40 team leaders from all over Latin America. Each guest was a strong leader with an extensive background in network marketing and a large team. Each guest had serious requirements towards the company’s KPIs — its turnover, products, management, community, and performance results.

They spent a long time evaluating PLATINCOIN and ultimately decided to join us, because…

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