Basics you need to know about platincoin

PLATINCOIN provides you with the opportunity to earn passive income by using groundbreaking blockchain technology to generate an annual return of up to 30% over a period of 10 years
You can use app to connect your smartphone to the PLC blockchain and mint PLATINCOIN cryptocurrency every day, as well as to hold coins in real time 24/7/365.

Basics you need to know about platincoin

1. It is the most sophiscated coin in the coin market

2. The coin with the most sophisticate infrastructure and technology e.g Plc Farm, Plc Secure Box.

3. The coin that has beaten the trend of bitcoin and has its on Blockchain. Check on to see how our blockchain works

4. It started in 2016 with 0. 10cents

5. It’s been thousands of percent growth, That’s amazing
You can check it on the CMC site

6. The only coin with its own satelite created for the purpose of the coin and cant be hacked.

7. The only coin that does minting and not mining e.g Plc secure box 10% annually for life based on what u stake

8. The only coin that has a crypto messenger with a merger of facebook and whatsapp And the difference is clear. You get paid in platincoins for whatever activity you do. Be it calls,uploads,downloads

9. And the difference is clear our ceo Alex Reinhardt is on the fore front of all projects & He doesn’t hide.

10. The only coin that has a crypto wallet and Farm binded together. Farm produces 30% annually for 10yrs

11. The only coin that has created atm machines that takes both bank cards and cryptocurrency. Accepting other cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin,Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin etc

12. The only coin that has developed POS Terminals that will be used by retailers who can’t afford ATM Cards

13. The only coin that has created an online market called Platindeal. Check us out on come shop and spend your PLATINCOÎN.

15. The only coin that prefers itself in the hands of its affiliates through our Unique Crowd Funding Platform and funders make money too.. yes u heard me well check us on Fund your projects with the help of our community

16. it doesn’t stop here, with platincoin you can buy real products like ice cream, fresh fruit please see the video:

So what can you do with Platincoin?
Please see the video below

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